KPRL conducts its affairs according to its core values and business principles which are contained in the Statement of General Business Principles. KPRL encourages information on any non compliance. Communication of any concerns are treated with confidentiality and acted upon in a prompt manner. In line with this policy KPRL has set up a whistle-blowing procedure which offers convenience, confidentiality and security to the person reporting. This system enables stakeholders to raise their concerns anonymously and provides a mechanism through which each report received by KPRL is verified, managed and acted upon in a systematic and accountable manner. Thus any non compliance is curbed at an early stage.

Whistle-blowing refers to the act of providing information which is believed to be evidence of wrongdoing or possible wrongful acts: such as violations of any rules, law or regulations, gross mismanagement or wastage of funds, abuse of authority, a substantial and specific danger to public health and safety, corruption, etc.

Whistle-blowing is not aimed at doing away with other grievance procedures already in place such as employment disciplinary procedures. Whistle-blowing is not an appeals mechanism for other procedures. Whistle-blowing should apply where:

  • there is no relevant procedure or
  • one has genuine concerns about using a particular procedure
  • the concern is about conduct that can harm the reputation of the organization

Users of this system are expected to act responsibly and in good faith.


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